Cheese, No Kraken

I was looking forward to a series of cheese and kraken posts. Then Sidney Powell had to go and spoil my fun by being the first big name Trumper to plead guilty in the Georgia RICO case.

Jury selection in the Cheese, No Kraken trial begins today. The Cheese is likely relieved by Powell’s plea, he didn’t want to stand trial with her to begin with. There’s a counter argument to that: sharing the dock with Powell would make The Cheese look like a member of Team Sane. The Kraken Lady was co-captain of Team Crazy, after all.

Being the first to flip has its advantages: Powell copped to six misdemeanors and will receive no jail time. BUT that’s contingent on her full cooperation with Team Willis in Georgia. Governor Asshole summed up the Powell plea as follows:

“You don’t give a no-jail plea deal unless that person’s got something very good to say that will help your case against the others,” Chris Christie, a former federal prosecutor who is challenging Mr. Trump for the Republican presidential nomination, told a reporter in New Hampshire shortly after Ms. Powell’s deal was entered.

Presumably, Team Smith in DC is interested as well. The Kraken Lady faces exposure in federal court from her Georgia plea: She’s co-conspirator 3 in that case. Her people are undoubtedly talking to Jack Smith’s people.

Have I told you lately how much I love Oscar Peterson?

Back to the Kraken Lady.

Powell will be a powerful witness against her Team Crazy colleagues, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis. She also met with the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian several times. Trump was already in deep shit, but the Powell plea accelerates his fall. There’s no net, Donald.

There is a drawback to the Powell plea: She’s an inveterate liar whose credibility is suspect. Prosecutors have to establish her bona fides on the issues raised by the RICO case. Of course, the jury believed Sammy the Bull in Gotti’s RICO case. Powell is only a fantasist: Gravano was a stone cold killer.

This is the way a RICO trial is supposed to proceed. Fauni Willis never intended to try all the defendants in one courtroom, she expected many of them to flip. The Kraken Lady is the second domino to tumble, there will be more.

The last word goes to Tom Petty followed by Stevie Nicks:

INSTANT UPDATE: The Cheese has copped a plea. That is all.

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