Liar Liar Designer Pants On Fire

I was early to the mock George Santos party. He began as malaka of the week and became a recurring character at First Draft. I must admit to losing interest in the Talented Mr. Santos at some point. I didn’t even cheer on his indictment on federal charges.

I’ve decided to briefly reenter the Santos fray because of a swell article at NY Magazine, Here’s Every Single Lie Told By George Santos.

I dig lie lists and wanted to share this one with our readers.

This is my favorite bit:

He allegedly lied to donors, then used their money to buy designer clothing.

Federal prosecutors also accused Santos of defrauding political supporters while running for Congress last year. According to the indictment, Santos instructed a Queens-based political consultant to tell potential donors that their money would be used to help elect him to the House. Two people gave $25,000 each to an LLC operated by Santos, which was not registered as a super-PAC.

Santos allegedly laundered the money through two personal accounts, then used it “for his personal benefit, including to make cash withdrawals, personal purchases of luxury designer clothing, credit card payments, a car payment, payments on personal debts,” and bank transfers to his associates, according to the indictment.”

 That inspired the post title. Obrigado, George.

The last word goes to Lyle Lovett:

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