National Bologna Day Potpourri

We have some weird national days in this country. I assume Oscar Meyer lobbied for the creation of National Bologna Day. That would explain why we’re honoring something most people lose their taste for when they enter their teens. You say bologna, I say baloney. Let’s call the whole thing off.

What goes better with bologna than cheese? Hence the Cheesy featured image of Kenneth Chesebro with and without a cheese head hat. I recall having American cheese on my bologna sammiches as a kid. My mom was a dairy farmer’s daughter who only allowed fake cheese in our house to pander to her son. Margarine was permanently banned. I suspect she would have banned all the nut juices masquerading as milk as well.

We begin our survey of today’s news with a piece about the late not-so great Gret Stet election. Try saying that five times really fast. I double dog dare you. FYI, Blue dogs are out of fashion in the Gret Stet of Louisiana. Sez who? Clancy DuBos, that’s who.

Clancy On Da Winnas & Da Loozas: When it comes to state and local politics, Clancy DuBos is DA MAN. He’s been writing his election wrap-up posts for as long as I can remember. As a Louisiana liberal, he takes no pleasure in this one.

Louisiana has finally become a full-tilt neo-Confederate red state with a MAGA maggot as Governor-elect. Jeff Landry is a dumbed down version of David Vitter and I wasn’t that fond of the original.

Can I Get A Witness? The Cheese and Kraken guilty pleas pose a considerable risk to the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian’s legal cause. They both have credibility issues, especially Sidney Powell. BUT their admission to crimes shreds the advice of counsel defense Trump’s mouthpieces have been floating.

Gagging On The Gag Order: In the January 6 case, Judge Tanya Chutkan has put her gag order on hold pending appeal. This is not an unusual move by the judge, but it means we have to put up with more bluster and bullshit from the Kaiser of Chaos as well as the breathless reporting thereof.

I’m bored with the way the MSM hangs on that mook’s every word. I’m tired of smart people being played for fools by a moron whose only talent is manipulating the press.

Graham Parker and I have some unsolicited advice for the media:

Speaker Watch: House Republicans are trying again to elect a Speaker. Something that wasn’t that difficult until the rise and demise of Newt Gingrich at the end of the last century. Back then they went through a string of candidates before settling on a non-entity from Peoria Illinois, Denny Hastert. He was a rotten Speaker who turned out to be the Midwest’s answer to pervy Paterno assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

I have no clue as to who will emerge and whether they’ll have the votes on the floor. Perhaps they should hold a seance and consult with Speakers of the past. Of course, all the great ones are Democrats. Sam Rayburn and Tip O’Neill would be appalled by what’s happened to their beloved House.

I usually try to avoid the obvious when posting musical commentary but sometimes the obvious is obviously the right choice.

We’ve talked about Gret Stet politics and Congressional chaos. We combine the two in our final segment.

Graves Danger: Red Stick Republican Congressman Garret Graves is in trouble. He’s a KMac loyalist who also backed the wrong horse in the Gret Stet goober race and pissed off Steve Scalise by not supporting his Speakership bid.

Graves’ seat is in jeopardy because of possible court-ordered redistricting. Black voters are underrepresented in the Gret Stet and Graves is the most likely GOPer to lose his seat given his issues with Landry and Scalise. All of the preceding makes Graves one of the biggest loozas of all. Right, Clancy?

A late night text from Clancy DuBos inspired this morning’s nonsense so I give you a Neil Young song with Clancy in the title as the last word:

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  1. Given the profound racial animus of the GOP I think it’s wrong to emit Black Louisiana’s from the losers. Look for more of the tactics seen in Mississippi and Alabama like closing rural DMVs to make it harder to get your ID to vote.

  2. Still occasionally get a hankering for fried balogna and onions, with fried potatoes.

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