Abu Ghraib Dragnet Snags Two Birds

From Holden:

Military prosecutors are preparing charges against two military intelligence colonels. How high will it go?

Details of the new suspects came as a US military prosecutor, Major Michael Holly, tried to stop immunity being granted to a number of intelligence officers over fears it would compromise the case being built against them.

Holly referred in particular to US Colonel Thomas Pappas, who was in charge of the military intelligence unit that worked at Abu Ghraib, outside Baghdad, and the man responsible for interrogation there, Lieutenant Colonel Steven Jordan.

“We are still trying to identifty the culpability of Colonel Jordan and Colonel Pappas,” Holly told a pre-trial hearing in Mannheim, southern Germany, the first legal step in court martial proceedings against four of the seven.

“You are telling me that there is thought to criminally prosecute these individuals and that, as such, they should be given immunity,” mused James Pohl, the US military judge presiding over the two days of hearings.

Holly also said that two lower ranking military intelligence personnel, named only as specialists Krol and Cruz, would soon be charged as well.