U.S. admits contact with “bounty hunter”

The BBC is reporting that a Pentagon official has told it that Jonathan Idema, who is on trial in Afghanistan for torture, kidnapping and operating a private jail, did have contact with the Department of Defense.
Until now, the DOD has refused to acknowledged any contacts at all with Idema, who has claimed that he talked with the Pentagon’s Acting Director of Security, Heather Anderson. Ms. Anderson answers directly to Sec. of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. According to the BBC report, the Pentagon official it spoke with said that Mr. Idema did have contact with Ms. Anderson, though the DOD is still claiming that it did not authorize Idema’s operation, as he has alleged.
During his trial, Idema also claimed that the FBI removed hundreds of videos, documents and photos after his arrest. According to Idema, the documents would prove that while he was not in the U.S. Army, he was working for the the U.S. Army.