A Great Record — For Me to Poop On

From Holden:

I’m channeling Triumph the Insult Comic Dog after reading the new 19-chapter President Bush’s Record of Achievement at the White House web site.

Some lowlights:

The Introduction, which summarizes the achievements of a “first term [that] has been among the most consequential and successful in modern times”, fails to mention Iraq (kinda like the official Cheney bio that doesn’t mention Halliburton).

There is actually a chapter called Promoting Peace and Democracy – and Acts of Mercy

Iraqi WMD, or any Iraqi threat to America, received no mention.

The chapter entitled The Condition of America seems to be leftover from the previous administration, as it cites the following wonderful trends:

The largest welfare caseload decline in history occurred between 1996 and 2003, with the caseload falling 60 percent.

The rate of teen deaths by accident, homicide, and suicide fell 17 percent between 1996 and 2001.

Once again, your tax dollars at work.