Your Republican terrorists at work


Police have confirmed that an explosion that blew out the windows of a Boston area lab that specializes in stem cell research was caused by a pipe bomb.
I don’t think it is an overstatement to say that the president has created a climate of intensifying division and conflict in this country by exploiting the religious convictions of the fundamentalist christians in his base. I often wonder if Bush himself really has the deep christian convictions that he claims he does. But whether he does or not, by his words and his actions he has given a certain amount of credibility to the domestic terrorists who believe that they are doing “God’s work” by attacking abortion clinics and now this lab. And this is what I find so incredibly dangerous about this administration – that it panders to the American Taliban that would drag us back to the kind of life that is reflected in the old testament: patriarchal, paternalistic, rigid, unforgiving and backwards.