An Uncharitable Post That Demonstrates Why Liberals Always Lose

Solve the following equation:

Take a car in front of you. Determine approximately the year it rolled off the assembly line.

Now to that number add the number of Jesus fish, Jesus fish eating Darwin amphibifish, Jesus fish in Latin, Jesus fish in Aramaic, stickers representing crosses and magnets shaped like ribbons.

Divide that by the number of “I love America,” “GOD Bless America,” “God Bless America And Fuck All Y’All That Ain’t Givin’ Props to Jesus,” “God Bless America And Smite the Homos,” “Land of the Free,” “These Colors Don’t Run,” “United We Stand (Unless You’re Brown)” and other patriotic decorations upon the vehicle.

Add to the result of that calculation the number of flags flying on little poles from the windows, and you have precisely how, on a scale of one to 10, unbeliveably SHITTY a driver is behind the wheel.

I mean, does patriotism and Christian fervor render EVERYBODY unable to use the turn signal, or what?


who eagerly awaits the e-mail telling her that because this post is snotty and ridicules “real” America, the Democrats are doomed