Just Another Day in Iraq

From Holden:

Georgie’s body count (U.S. military only) rests at 1,263, so we should hit 1,300 by Xmas if not sooner.

Once again proving that they are who we aspire to be, the Ukrainians vote to pull their forces out of Iraq:

The Ukrainian parliament decided on Friday to recall the Ukrainian army contingent from Iraq. Two hundred and fifty-seven members of the Supreme Rada (Parliament) have voted for this decision.

The decision was passed due to the aggravation of the situation in Iraq, where Ukrainian servicemen are being drawn into the ongoing combat actions, which the parliament had not sanctioned, the document says. Therefore, the Supreme Rada recommends the president to recall the peacemakers from Iraq.

The insurgency continues to rage in Mosul and Baghdad where police stations throughout the city have been attacked in a seeming show of force. Suicide bombers attacked a Shiite mosque in Baghdad as well, and two municipal councilmen were assasinated.

Insurgents are returning to Fallujah, and Riverbend’s latest post relates rumors of the use of chemical weapons in Fallujah by U.S. forces and describes Iraqi feelings about the pending elections:

Elections are a mystery. No one knows if they’ll actually take place and it feels like many people don’t want to have anything to do with them. They aren’t going to be legitimate any way. The only political parties participating in them are the same ones who made up the Governing Council several months ago- Allawi’s group, Chalabi’s group, SCIRI, Da’awa and some others. Allawi, in spite of all his posturing and posing, has turned himself into a hateful figure after what happened in Falloojeh. As long as he is in a position of power, America will be occupying Iraq. People realize that now. He’s Bush’s boy. He has proved that time and again and people are tired of waiting for something insightful or original to come from his government.