Action Alert – Pat Robertson

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Media Matters reports that Pat Robertson called Kwanzaa “an absolute fraud” during a December 6 broadcast of the 700 Club. He said it was “made up by some hippie-types on the West Coast,” and had nothing whatsoever to do with African history.</p.

Kwanzaa is celebrated in African and around the world. It was founded in 1966, by Maulana Karenga, a professor and chair of black studies at California State, Long Beach. Prof. Karenga based the celebration on African history. It is rooted in the first harvest celebrations in Africa.
To be clear about this, let me say that anyone who thinks that Christmas was divinely ordained to occur on December 25, is deluded. Christmas is just as much of a “made-up” holiday as is Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, or Kwanzaa. When the slaves were brought to this country, we effectively shattered their traditions. Prof. Karenga put the pieces of those traditions together into something unique and beautiful that has meaning for people. Pat Robertson has no damned business denigrating it. Make that known.</p.

Your assignment is to write to your local newspaper and say that Pat Robertson is a bigot, and ask why he feels the need to criticize other people’s holidays, inasmuch as they are as relevant to them as Christmas is to Robertson.