Remember Mark Belling? The loudmouth talk radio host from Milwaukee called Mexican-American voters in the city “wetbacks,” proclaimed on his show that he wasn’t all that sorry he said it, got suspended while his masochistic listeners beat their man-boobs and demanded we stop persecuting this great American, after which Belling was reinstated with hardly a scratch.

However, those who spoke up about Belling’s obnoxious behavior did get, it turns out, a little something out of the deal:

A new Hispanic public affairs show hit the airwaves today on WISN radio, the same station that carries Mark Belling’s talk show. Belling outraged many Hispanics when he used a derogatory term on the air to describe illegal immigrants. WISN’s owner, Clear Channel Communications, briefly suspended Belling. The station is now providing weekly air time for a new show dedicated to hispanic issues.

Give a listen if you’re in the area, let us know how it sounds.

It always pays to speak up for what you believe in.