Great Moments in Winger Journalism

From Holden:

F-list winger “columnist” Ken Hughes rises to Jeff Gannon’s defense in his masterpiece of unedited prose, Is Jeff Gannon, The New Matt Drudge, in The Conservative Voice. Oh, the humanity.

What’s this? Did the high school boys’ senior basketball team go after Jeff Gannon? If they did, would he protest?

When the media goes after someone with the varsity they’ve targeted Jeff Gannon it makes us all take a second look.

I’m sure Jeff Gannon hope Ken Hughes does not write any letters of recommendation to any of his prospective employers.

Will the same fate befall Jeff Gannon, I’m sure he hope it will.

The name “White House” consists of two words, say me.

A reporter must pay his dues to be assigned to the Whitehouse, say who?

The media is convinced it’s a they.

The media is convinced it’s they’re mandated to paint the president in a bad light at all times. [good isn’t news, only bad is news.]

Finally, we reach the point of Ken’s piece:

Me big internet blogger, more important than are you journalismists!

I live in a large county with two [physical] divisions of the Republican Party, North and South. Several months age a friend invited me to attend a meeting of the local chapter of the party. When we arrived the chapter leader was having a conversation with a gentleman I was introduced to as the political reporter for the local newspaper. My friend introduced me as an Internet Columnist. My credentials were immediately dismissed as irrelevant. The local reporter was seated up front I on the other hand was seated in back of the back of the room. What the people running the meeting didn’t realize, My columns reaches a hundred times the audience of the local reporter.

The meeting was to gain support for President George Bush’s reelection. They were concentrating on the local population, Had they been a little more courteous I may have given them a few words in an article giving them broader recognition than what they were getting between the local Used-Car Dealer and a Food Store.