Innovations in Killing

From Holden:

Need a new way to kill people? Count on the good ol’ EweEssufEh.

Human Rights Watch raised a red flag on Monday over US plans to deploy a new system of remote-controlled anti-personnel mines in Iraq.

The New York-based rights watchdog said the US Army had failed to answer critical questions regarding the potential harm the mines might pose to civilians.

The new system, called Matrix, allows a soldier with a laptop computer to detonate Claymore mines remotely via radio signal from several kilometers away.

While Claymores normally propel lethal fragments from 40 to 60 metres across a 60-degree arc, Human Right Watch said US Army tests indicated that the hazard range for the new system was as far as 300 metres.

“A faraway blip on a laptop screen is hardly a surefire method of determining if you are about to kill an enemy combatant or an unsuspecting civilian,” said Steve Goose, executive director of the watchdog’s arms division.