How Stupid Would You Have To Be To Wake Up As Michelle Maglalang?

From Holden:

Pretty fucking stupid.

Today Michelle, like Atrios, doesn’t care for the latest offering from Mistah Kurtz. You see Michelle penned fourteen posts alleging that the Schiavo memo was a fake before it was revealed to be an authentic talking points memo of the Senate GOP, so she is pissed at Howie because:

He also falsely claims that some conservative bloggers did not back off from questions about the authenticity of the memo even after an aide to Sen. Mel Martinez admitted he wrote it.

How does Ms. Maglalang, who has yet to issue a single retraction related to her coverage of the memo, respond to Howie’s criticism? By claiming she was focusing on Mike Allen’s accurate reporting of the memo, rather than the memo itself.

Kurtz, Shafer, and Neal now focus exclusively on the authenticity of the memo rather than broader questions raised by bloggers about the accuracy of Allen’s reporting. By contrast, the Post’s ombudsman has admitted that the Post has not yet substantiated Allen’s still-unretracted allegation that the memo was “distributed to Republican senators by party leaders.”

Yep, you’d have to get up pretty early in the morning – then bash yourself in the skull with a concrete block – to measure up to Ms. Maglalang.