MoDo: Unholy Alliances


As fundamentalism marches on – even Bill Gates seems to have caved to a preacher on gay rights legislation because of fear of a boycott – U.S. conservatives are thrilled about the choice of Cardinal Ratzinger, hoping for an unholy alliance. They hope this pope – who seems to want a smaller, purer church – encourages a militant role for Catholic bishops and priests in the political process.

Cardinal Ratzinger did not shrink from advising American bishops in the last presidential election on bringing Catholic elected officials to heel. He warned that Catholics who deliberately voted for a candidate because of a pro-choice position were guilty of cooperating in evil, and unworthy to receive communion. Vote Democratic and lose your soul.

Why practicing Catholics choose to ally themselves with people who believe they’re going to hell will always be a mystery to me. As far as I know, alliances built around the politicking of the abortion issue have not led to any real bridge-building in any other sense. Other than having people to stand next to at protests, is there a real advantage?


ps. Tune in tomorrow night for liveblogging of the Frist Bund Rally (tm Steve) by Tena and I. We’ll watch as long as we can stand it.