And I say You Will be Saved, or Else!

from TJ, at WelcometoGilead:

Only Christians Need Apply
Frist’s speech was fairly bland–he wants to have his cake (the evangelical vote) and eat it too (get a pass from the media on aligning himself with those who have been calling for violence and other retaliation against the judiciary). However, under the standards applied by the Republicans and the corporate media to Democratic and progressive events, Frist should be held accountable for the entirety of the speeches and remarks at Sunday’s Bund Rally™ (see gilliard), including this statement from Albert Mohler, as reported by the AP (with thanks to dave at Eschaton for the tip):
Putting more evangelicals on the court will mean rulings more in tune with the religious convictions of churchgoers, said R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville.
“We are not asking for persons merely to be moral,” Mohler said. “We want them to be believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

[my emphasis]

Ok, let’s get real here – these fanatics would like nothing better than to make christianity a requirement in this country for citizenship. They intend to cram Jesus down our throats just like Bush is trying to cram his style of government down the Iraqis’ throats. It’s going to work about as well, too. Forced conversions have been tried before. It was called The Inquisition. Sure, you can torture people into saying they believe, but you can’t make them believe, especially through pain.

And anyone who doesn’t think that cramming Jesus down reluctant throats isn’t painful, – the 12th century is calling you, bubba. This bunch of christians are as good an advertisement for atheism as I’ve ever seen. Keep it up, you dangerously vicious morons – you are going to succeed in turning more people off to Christ than any bunch of godless commies could have dreamed of doing.