Your President Speaks

From Holden:


I saw this little intercahnge in Crawford live on teevee and I can’t believe the White House posted a transcript.

Q What do you expect to get out of this meeting, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: Do you like the footpath?

Q Let’s talk about the meeting.

THE PRESIDENT: This is an important relationship — personal relationship with the Crown Prince is important. I look forward to talking with him about a variety of subjects. I’m glad you’re here. Thank you for coming. I hope you’re enjoying this day.

Q How much progress can you make on oil prices?

THE PRESIDENT: I’ll be glad to answer those questions at a later time.

Q Later today?

THE PRESIDENT: No. No, of course I’ll talk about energy. And the Crown Prince understands that it’s very important for there to be a — make sure that the price is reasonable. A high oil price will damage markets, and he knows that. I look forward to talking to him about that. But as well as — you know, we’ll talk about his country’s capacity. It’s an important subject.

Here’s another sweet hand-holding photo courtesy of the White House…

…and of course a presidential kiss for the man Parade Magazine ranks at number five on its list of the World’s Ten Worst Dictators.

REUTERS/Jason Reed