TV Hell

My father maintains that there are different hells for different classes of offenses. Christmas Hell, his favorite, is reserved for people who put up a fake tree or open presents on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas morning. Bakery Hell is for people who put nuts in brownies.

I’m proposing we establish Broadcast Hell for petty wingnut bastards who sue their critics:

Broadcasting giant Sinclair NewsCentral LLC is suing its former Washington bureau chief, whom the company fired last year after he publicly criticized Sinclair’s decision to tell its stations to run an anti–John Kerry documentary as a news story.

In a lawsuit filed late last week in Baltimore County Circuit Court, Sinclair accuses Jonathan S. Leiberman of violating the terms of his contract by speaking about the inner workings of the company without permission and by working for other local news outlets after he was fired.

In October 2004, after Sinclair directed its stations to air “Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal” in prime time as a news story, Leiberman told The Baltimore Sun he felt the documentary was “biased political propaganda.” Election law requires that TV stations give equal air time to political candidates, but there is an exception for news stories, and Leiberman complained that his bosses were trying to sway the election.

He was immediately fired for giving an unauthorized interview.

“Leiberman spoke to the media without permission and divulged confidential and proprietary NewsCentral information to individuals outside of the organization,” the suit reads. “In fact, Leiberman admitted to the media after his termination that he violated Company policy, and knew that termination of his employment was a possible consequence of his breach of his Agreement.”

Via Romenesko.