Big Doings We’ve Got Here In Mystery

No, not the New York Rangers. I’m pleased to announce an addition to our stable (heh) of bloggers here at First Draft.

Recent guestblogger and kickass blogger at her own place Scout Prime will be joining us on a full-time basis beginning tomorrow. We proposed, she accepted (I think she’d been drinking, but I’m not going to question our good fortune), the marriage will be consummated immediately. The blog marriage. You know what I meant, you sickos.

I wanted to let you all know because I know how scared you get when we move the furniture around. Don’t worry, the system will remain broken in all the same ways it’s broken now, the ferrets will still ignore your demands for pancakes and Stoli, and Scout will have nothing to with how fast the chinchillas run things, so don’t add to her burdens by blaming her for their laziness.

Oh, and be nice to her or I’ll stop posting about Galactica.