Putting the Neocon Stamp on the World Bank

From Holden:

Paulie Spitcomb brought the Bush Assministration personel policies with him to his new job.

In the latest example of simmering tensions between Mr Wolfowitz and some members of the bank’s staff, a complaint to the bank’s whistleblower hotline this month raised questions about what it alleged were excessive pay and open-ended contracts for Robin Cleveland and Kevin Kellems, previously colleagues of Mr Wolfowitz in the administration of George W. Bush, who came to the bank with him.

The complaint also questioned the terms on which Karl Jackson was retained as a consultant. Mr Jackson worked with Mr Wolfowitz in the administration of George H. W. Bush, and is a professor at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, where Mr Wolfowitz used to be dean.

The e-mail complaint was sent to the Department of Institutional Integrity’s whistleblower hotline, which encourages bank staff to come forward anonymously using procedures designed to safeguard their identity. It was copied to the bank’s 24 executive directors, who represent its 184 member countries on the board.

Bank insiders said it appeared to have been sent by an individual or group of bank staff who had access to high-level personnel files.

Separately, the bank’s staff association has raised concerns about some of Mr Wolfowitz’s appointments, after what it said were expressions of concern from a large number of staff.

Last week the association sent an e-mail to all 10,000 bank employees complaining that procedures were not followed in the appointments of Suzanne Rich Folsom, as head of the Department of Institutional Integrity, and of Mr Kellems, who was named director of strategy in the bank’s internal relations department.

In addition to their new appointments, they remain counsellor and senior adviser to Mr Wolfowitz, respectively.