A Normal Day In Ohio

From Holden:

Yet another Ohio Republican (this one the state Attorney General who happens to be running for governor) is accused of corruption in Ohio.

Democrats called on federal and county prosecutors to investigate a lawyer’s assertion that Attorney General Jim Petro personally demanded campaign contributions in exchange for state legal work.

The requests came after The Plain Dealer quoted Akron lawyer Jack Morrison, a prominent Republican, saying that Petro had warned him that his firm would lose legal business because it supported a rival candidate — but could earn some of the business back through future donations.


Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern called Morrison’s comments against Petro serious. The FBI should investigate possible violations of federal law, Redfern said, and he sent a letter asking Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh — a Democrat — or Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien — a Republican — to examine possible violations of state law.

Because the alleged conversation occurred in Summit County, Walsh’s office would appear to have jurisdication. She did not return calls seeking comment.