Democracy In Action

From Holden:

So, Palestinians held a free and fair election, but Israel does not like what it heard when the Palestinian people used their voice at the polls. So what do they do? Steal from the Palestinian Authority, of course.

Israel froze this month’s transfer of $45 million in tax rebates and customs payments to the Palestinian Authority while it reviews its options following the Hamas victory in last week’s parliamentary election, the government said Wednesday. “The transfers will be on hold” while the issue is being reviewed, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said. “The expectation is that automatic transfers will not continue.”

These are funds legitimately owed to the Palestinain Authority. Israel doesn’t like Hamas? They should have thought of that when they were supporting Hamas as an alternative to Fatah, or when they instituted the “policy of breaking bones” during the First Intifada which catapulted Hamas in the hearts of the Palestinian people.