Chertoff Should Resign

From Scout:

Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff’s role in the Katrina debacle is slowly coming to light and it isn’t pretty. The GAO released a critical report today in which they placed blame upon Chertoff for not providing leadership and not activating the National Response Plan on time or properly. (see earlier post) It appears the Senate has Chertoff in the crosshairs also. Joe Lieberman asked Ray Nagin today at the Katrina hearings about a story he heard……

LIEBERMAN: I heard a story I want to ask you if you could recollect it in your own words that sometime later in the week perhaps Saturday, Secretary Chertoff came to town and went to the FEMA staging area which was at the New Orleans Saints practice field

NAGIN: Ya…You heard about that huh?

LIEBERMAN: Ya..Ok So I’m right so far……

nagin testify

Here is VIDEO of Nagin’s account of the story (Direct link, 3 minutes)

As I said earlier, there should be calls for Chertoff’s resignation.