N00b Post

It occurs to me it’s been a while since we pointed out a couple of things. And in that time, we’ve got some n00bs, and they probably need some help figuring out how things work.

To the left, you’ll see a box titled “Current Draft.” There’s a FAQ in it. Read the FAQ. It’ll tell you how to arrange comments to your liking and change color schemes if you don’t like our red-white-gray thing.

You can also now e-mail all of us separately as well as using the general blog e-mail address up top to get in touch. Again, look at the left column. However, these addresses should not be interpreted as invitations to send us every chain-letter joke mail your cousin sent over. There is a finite number of Clinton jokes in the world and I can’t speak for my partners but I for one have heard them all.

If you don’t want to register or sign in to comment, you don’t have to. Comment anonymously and sign your handle at the bottom if you like. That way you can still put a name to your stuff without the hassle if it’s too much for you.

The chinchilla performance, from my end, has looked pretty good, but please feel free to post any lingering tech screwups here, with plenty of treats to appease your furry servants. They’re pedaling as fast as they can.