More Bodies Found in NOLA

From Scout:

There will be more and more of this

Earlier Tuesday, workers for the Housing Authority of New Orleans were removing refrigerators from flooded public housing when they found a body on the kitchen floor at 2913 Higgins Blvd. shortly after 9:30 a.m. The residence is a half dozen blocks west of the old Desire public housing complex in the 9th Ward.

The identity, gender and cause of death in each case were not known Tuesday. Autopsies will be performed.

Gagliano said the discoveries bring to 10 the number of possible Katrina victims found in New Orleans since the middle of February. All but one were found by workers, friends or relatives as opposed to search teams, he said.

Authorities have said to expect the death toll to rise by at least 400 as they are going to be searching 400 addresses at which they have received “consistent information about missing people from those locations.” I beleive that means families have looked everywhere for their loved one and they can not be found and they knew the address they were last known to be.

But as seen in the instance above, there will be others for which they must not have had info, that will just be found as debris is cleared.

Udate: Just another thought. Wingnuts have made much of the fact that blacks did not die in higher proportion to whites from Katrina. I wonder if that stat will hold up after these bodies are found?