Blow the White House

From Holden:

Yesterday’s “Ask the White House” topic was Progress in Iraq with Kevin Bergner, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Iraq, fielding the questions.

While the vast majority of Americans believe the Attack on Iraq was a grave mistake one would think that most of the questions the White House received on this topic would be critical of the war and skeptical of any claims of “progress”. Strangely enough, none of the eleven questions posted were critical, while ten of them were gushing with approval of the Assministration’s supposed strategy.

Question 1: Stay the Course!

Dennis, from Los Angeles California writes: General Bergner,First and foremost, thank you for your service. I am a 20 year retired Naval Flight Engineer. My question is are we making progress on protective equipment for our troops? What do we need to do to support those efforts? Thank you for your time and please pass to your “boss” to stay the course. Professionally Yours, Dennis, Beverly Hills, CA

Question 2: Iraqis Love Democracy!

James, from New York writes: Do you think it is encouraging that the turnout at the last Iraqi election was significantly higher than that which returned our current President to power in 2004?

Question 3: The Dreaded MSM Won’t Tell You That Everything Is Fine.

Robert, from Jamestown,N.C. writes: In the absence of any reliable reportage on Iraq from the mainstream media it was reassuring to hear Genl.Casey yesterday recite the progress on many levels .He mentioned that geographically most of the country is peaceful with minimal insurgent activity except in Baghdad.The President earlier today in Cleveland gave a comprehensive assessment and astute answers to questions from the floor. We hope the government comes together soon and the Iraqi police and military continue to grow and improve and take on more and more responsability.

Could you characterise the worst remaining issue in Baghdad and a reasonable assessment of our efforts to bring it under control as that seems militarily the last piece with the rest of the country in good shape ?

Question 4: Support the Troops!

Jenny, from Ohio writes: What is the best way for us citizens here at home to support our troops in Iraq?

Question 5: The Dreaded MSM Is Lying When They Say We Don’t Love This War!

Lucy, from Modesto, CA writes: Thank you for serving us. I know that the media makes it appear that most people are questioning and unsupportive, but that is not true. What are some of the best examples for continuing on in Iraq when the costs appear to be so high? What are some objectives that have been reached that are leading toward your overall goal? Thank you for receiving my question.

Question 6: Zarqawi is the problem. Go Team!

Elbert, from Las Vegas, NV writes: General Bergner; Thank you for your service. We’re proud of our military I understand Zarqawi is trying to disrupt the building of Iraqi national unity and their government; but, are the average Iraqi citizens placing blame for the violence where it belongs on the terrorists? And, can the Iraqi Forces successfully reduce the level of violence? From A Proud Vietnam Veteran

Question 7: I’m Heading to GITMO.

Angel, from Kentucky writes: I was wondering does the President have any plans of with drawing our troops from Iraq anytime in the near future. It seems like the war is going to last forever.

Question 8: I Love Pixar!

Marilyn, from Taylor, AR, Lafayette Co writes: Has the defense department ever considered the use of robots, as asubstitute for machinery and humans, in counteracting the use of roadside bombs and bombs placed in buildings? Could so simple a solution work?

Question 9: Civil War My Ass!

Gordon, from Chicago writes: Thank you for fielding my question. Is there any truth to the belief that a civil war has begun to unfold? God bless the troops

Question 10: We KNOW the dreaded MSM is lying!

Joanna, from Michigan writes: Hello We are very glad that the Coalition forces have accomplished so much in merely three years. Yet we hear mostly negative reporting about the war–and it is frustrating, because we KNOW that much is being accomplished there for the dear Iraqis. What way could we hear, maybe even day by day, about the progress that is going on? We often think about and pray for our troops and for success in this venture.

Question 11: The dreaded MSM made me hit the caps lock button!

Cliff, from Brimfield, Ohio writes: Director Gen. Bergner: With so many fronts and so many issues going on in Irag and the newspapers front page usually does not headline what one would call PROGRESS. So the question is General, what would you say are the 3 area’s that we have made the most PROGRESS in? Thank You