When did this become orthodoxy?

From Tena:

From today’s Dallas Morning News:

Obedience is required

Re: “Christians ask: Can you love thy neighbor but deport him too?” Friday news story.

I was amazed at the responses from religious organizations. Obedience to the laws of your government is, in fact, obedience to God. Matthew 22:21 states: “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.” We have laws that were enacted by our government; the Christian thing to do is to obey them. God gives us government and leaders, and all are within his will. Obedience is required regardless of how passionate we feel about the subject. We cannot under any circumstances condone civil disobedience because it is contrary to God’s law.

The Rev. J. Alvin Carter, Dallas

There you have it – civil disobedience is disobedience to God. I wrote to the paper in reply today, don’t know if they’ll print it, but here it is:

Sir: I noted with a great deal of alarm the letter from the Rev. J. Alvin Carter, in which he says that in order to obey God, one must also obey the government. So, is the reverend telling us that Bush and God are the same thing?

I don’t know where this notion comes from; it sure doesn’t come from the Bible. Nor does it come from our constitution. In this country, the people are supposed to be in charge, not the president. He works for us. The reverend came perilously close to arguing that he is president by “divine right.” No he’s not.

If civil disobedience is disobedience to God, that must be news to Jesus Christ, since He was rather known for his civil disobedience. I mean, I think it’s presumptuous of me to preach to a preacher, but this preacher is advocating what amounts to blasphemy, no? Since when is George W Bush on a par with God?

Reverend Carter needs to put down that Protestant Bible and pick up the Constitution and read it. Then he needs to read it again. Then he needs a course in American History. We fought a fucking revolution to get away from the notion that rulers rule in God’s Name and by Divine Right. I am so sick of the apostasy of American Protestant Christians who worship George W fucking Bush like he stands at God’s right hand. This is exactly what the founders were working their asses off to prevent, you fools. Stop it!