More on the revolt that supposedly wasn’t

From Scout:

iraqi soldiers revolt

(Jacob Silberberg/Pool/Reuters)

Yesterday I posted on a story from Stars and Stripes regarding a graduation ceremony for new Sunni Iraqi troops that included an account of the troops apparently revolting. Wapo has the story today. Apparently al-Arabiya television had film of the fracass and played it all day Monday. WaPo characterized it as not a mutiny apparently based on the viewing of the al-Arabiya “clip” and the US military is downplaying it….

U.S. military authorities, who issued a statement on Sunday night that made no mention of the incident, gave a more subdued account of what happened.

“It was actually a very small number of graduates,” said Lt. Col. Michael Negard, spokesman for the Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq, which oversees the training of the Iraqi army and police forces. “It was a momentary but very brief display of displeasure. It was never out of control. It was over as quick as it started.” (emphasis mine)

However the Stars and Stripes reporter who was at the ceremony stated “many” soldiers participated….

After the ceremony, word spread through the new troops that they might not, in fact, be deployed in Fallujah, but in other, more violent areas of Anbar. Many of the new troops threw their hats in anger or ripped off their uniform shirts and waved them over their heads (emphasis mine)

Damn the LAM –Liberal Army Media–don’t they know that providing That “complete picture” will cost us the war?