Love some NOLA bloggers

From Scout:

It is nice to see some good things happening in New Orleans like Jazzfest and the Zurich Open. (Though Tiger Woods isn’t all that popular.) But there is golfer Phil Michelson who donated $250,000 to NOLA relief work and the wives/girlfriends of PGA golfers who spent their time gutting homes in Gentily Woods. (This is a good story)

And even though Bay Buchanan tried to piss on everybody’s parade, there were many voices Rising Up to tackle her

And there is even Saintly gratitude beaming out to Houston of all places.

But the people of New Orleans would hope we in the rest of the land also remember this about them….

we are not ok

(Cade Roux’s work)

And while George Bush raises his voice in prayer to the heavens that there will be no hurricane I’m sure the people of the Gulf Coast would rather see more done here on Earth about this….

Only a few of the 211 suggested improvements from three federal reports will be ready when the hurricane season starts June 1, and limited dollars and political squabbling already are complicating the progress.

“Nature doesn’t care about reports,” said Kathleen Tierney, director of the Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado. “Nor does it care about the fact there are people still suffering, and we’re not ready.

“The big question in everybody’s mind is whether entities that proved themselves incompetent to handle Hurricane Katrina can become competent by the summer of 2006,” Tierney said Friday. “So far, we’ve seen no evidence of that.”

Well at least there are comics again