Toon Time Kids

From Scout:

From a piece by CNN’s Jeanne Moos….

MOOS: The nonpartisan Center for Media and Public Affairs say they’ve counted Bush jokes in the monologues of Conan, Letterman and Leno. And they’ve doubled in the first three months of this year, compared to last.


MOOS: But great moments like that come at a price.

LICHTER: The danger is that when you become a laughing stock, it can create a downward spiral.

MOOS: Great moment after great moment. They add up to not such great moments for the president.

LICHTER: Making a president into a laughing stock will make it more difficult for him to govern.

MOOS: The Bush jokes in late-night monologues are now coming at a pace of more than 100 a month. And though it’s true that Bill Clinton was the butt of even more jokes, those were about sex, not intelligence.

And from me and my toon friends….