From Tena:

I keep seeing and hearing this idea out there that maybe some phone tapping isn’t such a bad thing. Bill Maher was on about that again tonight on his show – apparently he thinks his ass is so fucking precious that just a little taste of fascism is ok, as long as it keeps those ports in San Pedro from getting blown up. Here’s a thought, Bill – If you’re so fucking worried about it, why don’t you move?

The idea gets stretched alllllll the way over into: “if they had been allowed to wiretap before 9/11, they could have stopped it.” That’s popping up all over. So I’d like to explode this stupid idea. It’s simple. The FISA Court existed in 2001, prior to 9/11. In August of 2001, Bush received a Daily Presidential Briefing titled: Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U. S. My understanding of the FISA Court is that if the president had read his goddamned briefing and paid attention to it and turned around and called the head of the CIA and asked them to take that information to the FISA Court and get a warrant, it would have been granted more likely than not. So maybe 9/11 could have been stopped. The tools were there. But Bush didn’t use them. Because Bush didn’t give a fuck. What’s more, he still doesn’t.