FEMA (Trailers): Unsafe at any speed???

From Scout:

The Leesville Daily Leader reports this on FEMA trailers (via Gentilly Girl)

GULFPORT, Miss. (AP) – An environmental group says thousands of Hurricane Katrina victims in Mississippi and Louisiana may be living in unsafe conditions after tests it conducted showed dangerous levels of formaldehyde in some government trailers.

The Sierra Club on Wednesday asked for a congressional hearing after it claimed that 30 out of 32 Federal Emergency Management Agency trailers it tested had levels of formaldehyde that were unsafe.

‘‘We started doing this testing because people were getting sick, having nosebleeds and having constant coughs,” said Mississippi Sierra Club spokeswoman Becky Gillette. ‘‘The government is making people sick. They are putting people back in harm’s way.”

OK bad enough but FEMA says their experts believe there is “no ongoing risk” and their recommendation is what caught my attention…

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From Scout:

‘‘‘The odor may result from several sources, including materials used in the construction of certain trailers and vapors from items like new linens and burning cigarettes. By fully opening windows and using air conditioning or exhaust fans, residents can ensure proper air ventilation in their homes,” Walker said.

That caught my attention because another problem with FEMA trailers is there has been a “rash of them (+40) starting on fire which fire officials believe is due to limited electrical capabilities….

A recent outbreak of fires in FEMA trailers have sparked worries that the campers are risky to live in, especially when multiple electrical appliances are running at once.


Fire Protection District 10 Chief Quint Liner said he’s afraid the trend of FEMA-trailer fires will continue this summer when air conditioners will be at full blast.


While occasion air conditioner use may be all right, constantly using the air-conditioning system could be problematic.


Quint Liner said he realizes people living in the campers are used to having several electrical devices on at the same times in their homes. But they don’t have that luxury now.

Now there’s a Catch 22. To breathe or not to breathe or burn up or whatever. I guess you just breathe occasionally.