More Rudeness from the Angry Left

From Holden:

Christian Wright blogs his protest of Poppie and the Horrid One’s address during the 2006 commencement ceremony of the George Washington University.

Origionally, 4 of Chris’s friends were going to protest with us, but when the moment came they all chickened out and stayed seated. So all it was was Chris and myself standing up when the Bushes (first his wife, then the former president) were introduced. We stood up and turned our backs to him. We were nervous but we backed each other up.

Looking in front of us we saw an army of elite, wealthy, and conservative college graduates, with their families behind them. The ceremony filled the mall from 4th st all the way to 7th st. Immediately people began to complain that we were blocking their view, and several students started shouting at us to sit down. At first we tried to look at them and say “sorry”, but pretty quick we figured out that dialogue would be useless. Instead we just looked back to the end of the crowd and avoided eye contact with those immediately in front of us.I looked back to see the horror on the face of the president of the College Republicans, with whom I had had the burden to endure a “guerrilla warfare and insurgenceies” proseminar with. But he wasn’t going to say nothing to us cause this was our turn.

A cop told us to sit down or leave and I told him he’d have to drag us out. He backed off and we stayed standing. Decicisvely, a few people around us joined in telling the police to let us stand. I think the discussions that our leaflet helped us get into with the other graduates early on was crucial to getting us this support. Even one student who was politically conservative that we had talked to earlier came out to support us when the cop arrived. We made the point that we weren’t trying to disrupt anything, but it was the university who politicized the event by inviting the Bushes there, and we were simply obeying our conscience by turning our backs to him.

So I stood, alongside Chris with my back turned to President Bush! It was probably for about 10-15 minutes or so. I did not have a graduation suit on but I did borrow the hat from one of Chris’ friends, all of whom had peace signs painted on them. I think that president Bush was able to see it.

An ABC guy took our picture and there was some other media there too. A few people, including a teacher, came up to us aftewords and thanked us for standing up, and said they were dissapointed that we were the only ones. One other student who elsewhere in the crowd had tried to independantly do the same thing, but who was shouted down by conservative fellow students, also came up to us and said thanks.