2 More Bodies Found in NOLA

From Scout:

From the Times Picayune

A firefighter search team found the body of an unidentified Hurricane Katrina victim Saturday morning at a Banks Street home in Mid-City. The discovery came about 9:45 a.m. at 3008 Banks St. as 16 firefighters from the New Orleans Fire Department and Southeast Louisiana Task Force 1 checked houses on a list of missing persons. The list was prepared by the Louisiana Family Assistance Center in Baton Rouge. There are 47 addresses on an updated search list now in use by the search team, according to the New Orleans Fire Department. Other details about the body discovery weren’t immediately available. The successful search follows the recovery of a decomposed body believed to be that of a Katrina victim on Wednesday at a home near Southern University at New Orleans. That body was discovered by a Texas company, Victim Relief, that sends two-person teams to check homes on a missing-persons list it prepares using leads from relatives.

As of Thursday there were still 237 people listed as missing in Louisiana.

It is 271 days or 8 months and 28 days since Katrina hit and we are still finding bodies.

More on the faith based organization, Victim Relief, later