Who you callin’ a bitch?

Look, we would have lost the Hayden nomination. They are the majority. But even if they like Hayden they should have voted against him. They could have used that vote as a show of solidarity against Bush’s executive infallibility doctrine, complained vociferously about the lack of checks and balances and set oureslves up as being in united opposition to Bush. Being seen as obstructionist against a 29% president is A GOOD THING! He does not have the country’s support. The issue itself is secondary to the optics of the Democrats opposing this administration in a high profile way.

And look, that’s basically it. The point isn’t that we can’t win, so let’s go along to get along if we can’t win anyway and why bother pissing anybody off.

The point is to build a public image as the alternative to these anti-government nitwits, and we can’t do that if half of us are on board with everything they do. Then we’re not an alternative, we’re the guys that are just as bad as the other guys, so why not stay home on election day and scratch your ass and eat your Cheetos? I’m not saying it’s entirely Democrats’ fault that the electorate is lazy and uninformed, but certainly we ain’t helping matters with Roberts, Hayden, Abu Al, all the appointments we’re letting slide through because eh, we don’t have the votes.

The moment comes, you stand up. Whether you think you can succeed or not, whether anybody’s behind you or not, whether you think you can make a difference or not. You stand up, for the sake of your miserable soul. For the sake of the person who’s staring back at you in the mirror. And don’t come at me like you don’t know when the moment is. You know it. And you either stand up, fail, regret it for a minute and move on to the next fight, or you stay seated, and spend the rest of your life making excuses for why you didn’t act. I know people who live like this, man, and they are some of the miserablest people on earth, always on about how if it wasn’t for this, or that, or the other thing, they’d have just taken their shot.

We don’t want to be the party of miserable, excuse-making motherfuckers. So let’s cut it out already. Take a stand, and hold on tight.

Not. One. Inch.