Not For Nothing

But do Republicans really agree on everything?

Sensitive to talk of a divided party, Democratic aides circulated a memo from a Democratic pollster suggesting that Republicans will pay a price in November for standing with the president’s war policies. But Republicans dismissed that notion.

Democrats also played down concerns, voiced privately by some party strategists, that the Kerry-Feingold call for a “hard-and-fast” deadline is hindering the party’s efforts to project a unified position on Iraq for the fall.

There are pro-choice Republicans, Republicans who voted against the decision to go to war (okay, one Republican, kind of), Republicans who’ve broken with their own party on shit before, but all we ever hear about is those messy, divided Democrats.

While I think the “party strategists” who “privately voice concerns” (hint: if the person on the other end of the line is a reporter, Mr. Party Strategist, it ain’t private) should make sweet love to the business end of a Garden Weasel, I am also thinking it’s about time we start spinning the supposed Democratic “divisions” to our advantage, to say look, this isn’t the Lockstep Knee Jerk Party of George W. Bush. This is a party where somebody can disagree with somebody else without both parties having a whiny breakdown on Meet The Press.

We’d better start spinning it that way, anyway, because these fucking twerps can’t seem to shut up about process in public no matter how much I threaten and beg, so it’s gonna have to be made into an advantage somehow.