The National Security Attack

Sweet Jesus. The pro-terrorist 19:

Wayne Allard of Colorado Kit Bond of Missouri Jim Bunning of Kentucky Conrad Burns of Montana Tom Coburn of Oklahoma Thad Cochran of Mississippi John Cornyn of Texas Jim DeMint of South Carolina Mike Enzi of Wyoming Lindsey Graham of South Carolina Chuck Hagel of Nebraska Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma Jon Kyl (R-AZ) Trent Lott of Mississippi John McCain of Arizona Jeff Sessions of Alabama Ted Stevens of Alaska Craig Thomas of Wyoming John Warner of Virginia

I … I … I want billboards. I want radio ads, I want TV commercials, I don’t have any money but I’ll give you some, please, I’m begging you. Every race, every city, every state, in the whole country. How much could it possibly cost? We’ll pay it. We’ll pay whatever it takes to get the message out and the message is the following:


Did you read that just now? I put it in big letters for ya, Howard. Nancy. Harry. Chuck. Rahm.


The whole Rove strategy? Of attacking your opponent where he’s strong? They handed it to us on a silver platter and come on, you don’t need testing, you don’t need nuance, what you need is airtime and you need it from now until the end of the election cycle because this? This is IT, motherfuckers, the end, the moment they finally go too far, the moment they admit this isn’t about anything but their own selfish fantasies. Go read Digby’s post, and then, holy hell, get on the phone and start buying up blocks of time wherever you can.

I’ve got a checkbook. Where do I send it? Yes, I mean the whole checkbook. People need to know this. People need to hear it. The people that aren’t convinced yet, that the Republican party is run by a bunch of crazy people who think playing with GI Joes equals military strategy? Those people, who shrug and say eh, the Democrats are just as bad, the people who aren’t yet disgusted enough to vote against somebody because well, his party’s a bunch of fools and thugs, those people need to hear this.

And then they need to be asked, so? NOW? Do you get it NOW, you proto-fascist lazy-ass implement? Do you get what you’re dealing with here?

Now. From now until November. WITH THE CHAIR.


ps. What the hell is Hagel doing on that list? I know he’s a Republican but I thought he had a brain in his head anyway.

pps. Add to this list of disgusting creeps the eleven gits who voted against Katrina aid, and you have a picture of a party that would rather help Iraqi insurgents than American citizens.

pps. Unfair? Absolutely. Watch me caring.