Your compassionate conservatives at work:

Sen. Mel Martnez should try to live on $10,712 per year ($5.15 an hour). Clearly, based on his recent vote not to raise the minimum wage, he feels that Americans earning that amount can sustain themselves.

He can say it is to help business or to protect jobs, but he has once again stuck it to working Americans who will live below the poverty level working full time at that wage. Why ask business to pay a fair wage when he can burden the American working family already crushed under the national debt?

Thank you, Sen. Martnez, for keeping an affordable home out of the grasp of working Americans. His anti-family vote not to raise the federal minimum wage while he accepts a raise is the height of hypocrisy.

It’s not really all that hard to figure out why Republicans keep doing such nasty, hypocritical shit. After all, lots of people would do nasty shit if they knew for certain nobody would ever call them on it. Jesus, watch a season of Survivor and think about those people in charge of government because that’s basically what’s going on.

Republicans have gambled and won on one number only, on the whole roullette wheel, and that’s this: People pay absolutely no fucking attention to anything at all. So all they gotta do is shout once, and people hear it, and figure they’ve done their listening for the day, and now they’re done. Arguments are tiresome, not to mention time-consuming. John Kerry’s a liar. Jack Murtha’s a traitor. Bush is a strong leader. Minimum wages hurt business. Universal health care is socialist. Vote For Us or the Terrorists Win.

And we? Sit back and act like it’s beneath us, all of it, the shouting and the mudslinging and the partisan games. We (and yes, Barack Obama, I’m looking at you, and you too, Joe Biden) consider it beneath us to give in to that kind of “attack mentality.” We take the high road and comfort ourselves in what makes us different from them. Well, I’m glad that makes us feel better but staying above the fray doesn’t help the people we supposedly care about. It’s time to do politics like it matters, not just because that’s how they do it, but because that’s how it is.

When they get away with this shit because we’re afraid of bullshit polling that says negative campaigning turns people off (if it did, the turnout in the 2004 elections wouldn’t have been so high), when they get away with this shit, it’s not Democratic party operatives giving advice who get hurt, it’s families trying to survive, it’s the people represented by our Democratic senators and representatives. When they get away with this shit, it’s not just frustrating because it’s one more piece of proof that God is taking a nice long vacation from this mess, it’s frustrating because, you know, kids are growing up in poverty.

So spare me the sanctimonious lectures about how attacking the Republicans as being a bunch of anti-military, anti-family, anti-morality assclowns who couldn’t find their copy of the Constitution with a bloodhound and a posse will make us look bad, because our appearance shouldn’t even be on the list of stuff we care about.

Not until everybody can eat and pay their heating bills. Once that’s taken care of, we can go back to licking our combs.