October Still Seems Very Far Away


You’re talking about the last vestiges of the human species. When we enter the third season – we were 49,000 people when we left our planets at the very beginning, at the first episode of this journey to find another planet to breed humankind again. We’re now less than 38,000. We lost 11,000 people, man.

Q: Are you surprised that the show can be that dark and that brutal and yet be so popular?

Olmos: Yeah! Yeah! I’m totally blown away. We won the Peabody, man! Give me a fucking break. How in the world does that add up? Where does that line cross? How does that happen? I get chills. I’ve been doing this for 41 years, man, and Battlestar Galactica wins the Peabody? I’m the fucking guy that did Stand and Deliver! I’m the guy that did The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez. I have used the television medium to the best of my abilities and done stuff that will be lasting forever in the annals of the artform – and Battlestar Galactica gets the Peabody.