Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

What an embarrasment this assclown is. Here are a few quickies from today’s presidential presser.

A Clear Strategy

No, I am aware that extremists and terrorists are doing everything they can to prevent Iraq’s democracy from growing stronger. That’s what I’m aware of. And, therefore, we have a plan to help them — “them,” the Iraqis — achieve their objectives. Part of the plan is political; that is the help the Maliki government work on reconciliation and to work on rehabilitating the community. The other part is, of course, security.

It’s That What Leads Them

From the beginning, Helen, I said that Israel, one, has a right to defend herself, but Israel ought to be cautious about how she defends herself. Israel is a democratically elected government. They make decisions on their own sovereignty. It’s their decision-making that is — what leads to the tactics they chose.

We Represent the al Qaeda Suiciders Guild

No, al Qaeda is still very active in Iraq. As a matter of fact some of the more — I would guess, I would surmise that some of the more spectacular bombings are done by al Qaeda suiciders.

Arguing With Himself

Q But it’s the status quo if there’s no disarming [by Hizbullah].

THE PRESIDENT: Not really. I mean, yes, eventually, you’re right.

Talking About It Since He Got High

I’ve been talking about gas prices ever since they got high, starting with this — look, I understand gas prices are like a hidden tax. Not a hidden tax, it’s a tax — it’s taking money out of people’s pockets. I know that.

Hails of Derisive Laughter

Right, I’ve listened to them very carefully. I’m a thoughtful guy, I listen to people. (Laughter.) I’m open-minded. I’m all the things that you know I am.

Beware The Finishers

THE PRESIDENT: Let me finish — let — ma’am. Ma’am, please let me finish the question.