Bush Assministration Sues To Conceal Info About Illegal Program

From Holden:

Maine is the third state that the Department of Justice has sued in order to cover-up Chimpy’s illegal activities.

PORTLAND, Maine – Federal prosecutors sued state utility regulators and Verizon Communications Inc. on Monday to block the release of information related to the government’s domestic surveillance program.

The Public Utilities Commission on Aug. 9 ordered Verizon to provide a sworn statement about the National Security Agency’s warrantless eavesdropping program. The PUC was reacting to alleged privacy law violations.

Complying with the order would “place Verizon in a position of having to confirm or deny the existence of information that cannot be confirmed or denied without causing exceptionally grave harm to national security,” the suit says.


The Justice Department has also sued to prevent disclosure of similar confidential information in New Jersey and Missouri.