New Orleans Arrival

From Scout:

I arrived in New Orleans yesterday. Last time flying in there were many homes marked by the blue tarp roofs. This time only a few. However that is Jefferson Parish which was not as hard hit. It is still difficult to get work done here. It can be hard to find workers to do the work. Many still wait for insurance money and ask where is all the federal money. Of course Bush will be talking of that $110 billion much this week and when he does so keep this in mind. Only 40% has actually made its way to the Gulf Coast and that has not gone to the people….

According to figures compiled by the Bush administration, only about 40 percent of the money available — or about $45 billion — has been doled out by the federal government. And the bulk of that money has gone for the initial rescue efforts, debris removal and the emergency repairs to New Orleans’ ruptured levees, proving that even in Louisiana water flows faster than money.

So you can understand why people say Where’s the money?

We went out to eat at Liuzza’s in Mid City. It is a family owned and run restaurant which has stood for over a half century. But this was Liuzza’s after the Federal Flood…..


The bar at Liuzza’s opened around late April and about July 1st the restaurant opened once again. The menu is about a 1/3 of what it was but what is there is great New Orleans food. People are hungry for having New Orleans back but also just hungry for New Orleans food. Liuzza’s does both.