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From Scout:

Reading the comments on previous posts it is clear that people wish more was being done for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. People often ask me what can we do for the people down there? Or what’s a good charity to donate to?

Giving to Katrina relief groups is important. However the situation here is icritical and the challenges are huge. The solutions are political not charitable. Katrina must become a campaign issue in the upcoming elections because the people here can not wait until November ’08 for a change in leadership.

It has been far to easy for candidates to ignore Katrina as there has been no political cost to candidates for idoing so. I’m going to keep it simple and it ought to be obvious but it isn’t happening.

Hit the Republicans in the teeth with Katrina.

Ned Lamont gets it as he hits Joe for`not holding the Bush administration accountable for Katrina. If they want your vote then make them accountable not just for Iraq but also Katrina.

What’s happening here is criminal. Put them on trial and hand down the verdict in November.