Wanker of the Rising Tide Conference

From Scout:

The Rising Tide Conference today was excellent. There was great content that was very informative and I will be posting video later. But there was one wanker wanking….former 3 time City Councilwoman and candidate in last mayoral election, Republican Peggy Wilson. To my ears her remarks or should I say accusations against Mitch Landrieu sounded like slander but I’ll let you decide.

For context, her remarks were in regard to a question on the view that in the mayoral election some whites had voted for Nagin due to long held anger/hatred of former mayor Moon Landrieu (Mitch’s father) for having desegregated NOLA City Hall years ago. For background go here and here.

Blogger Dangerblond, in the audience, asked Wilson what she was talking about and what was the evidence. As Wilson continued in her accusations offering no evidence other than “I’m talking about something that I know about first hand” that blogger rose and left. Despite that Wilson has been wanking for many years in NOLA I saw a few jaws drop at what she was saying and there was a tension in the room.

Also for more context Peggy Wilson couldn’t even beat out disgraced Kimberly Williamson Butler in the mayoral election. (Butler was the one who tried to pass off Disneyland’s French Quarter for the real thing on her website and announced her candidacy for mayor while avoiding arrest warrants) Butler got 797 votes and Wilson had 773.

Here is the video and a partial transcript.

“But I think that the current generation of Landrieus many of whom live on the public dole and many of whom have great expectations about how they should come and be the saviors of our system are very much disliked because of their attitude.

Mitch Landrieu is a person who has had a business where he got business from having judges refer business to him and requiring attorneys to use him in his business. And when you do that it indicates that you have the same system that got us where we are. And I happen to know…

[Audience member asked Wilson .what she was talking about and asked what is the evidence (difficult to hear in video)]

Well I’m talking about something that I know about first hand. And I know that when you look on the dias on election night and you see the people surrounding a candidate who are the same people that brought about the destruction of the levee board, the destruction of the aviation board and the destruction of various other boards and governing bodies in this community you say what kind of a deal did this guy cut with all these people to be able to raise all that money.”