Things That Never Happened

Compassion, freeper style:

With out state of the art levees, NOLA shouldn’t even be a city nor should it be rebuilt. Let another hurricane knock out the city to have the bonehead Government realize that a city shouldn’t be 15 feet below sea level. If anything, put a prison there.

A set of D9 cats with some cnchor chain could pull down most of the standing trash for burning or removal. Make most of N.O. a large park or golf course. Make a one time payment and tell people to get on with their lives. A year later and folks are still on the dole waiting for the FedGov to build them a house. My grandfather would be disgusted.

The weather service a couple days ago had Ernesto coming straight for New Orleans in their long range forecast. A co worker was telling me that we were in for it again and New Orleans may be wiped out. I told him sometimes it takes two flushes to get rid of the $&!#.

To these idiots, there’s no response better than Ashley’s.