The Courage of the People

We are now a nation that officially tortures. Start getting your heads wrapped around that. I still can not.

In the end there was no courageous act in Congress today. I honestly do not know how the members of Congress will live with what they have done. I do not know how we will live with it or with them.

I am holding to the words of Athenae’s post last night…We Get Back Up. If you haven’t read it I encourage you to do so.

What I have to offer is a video inspired by her words to remind us what it means to Get Back UP and continue to fight for what is right and just. And we will get back up. Courage all and I hope it helps.

Feel free to leave a comment on anyone you would have included or any thoughts you have tonight.

And as Athenae said: Not. One. Inch.

We Are Americans

Music: The Kinks and a just a smidge of KRS ONE at the start

3:20 minutes

11 thoughts on “The Courage of the People

  1. Scout, you got them all, including my favorite lady, Helen Thomas. I would only add the names of quite a few bloggers who have done their mightiest to shine the light of day on this dark deeds of the Bush maladministration. Yay Bloggers! I’m not naming names, because I would leave out many deserving of recognition.
    Not. One. Inch.

  2. Well I keep thinking I missed someone but then there’s only so much song.
    Yeah and Not One Inch!

  3. Scout the Lionhearted– You have a good and strong heart. Excellent work.
    btw, wtf is up with Landrieu? She’s a schizo. I’m starting to think they all are.

  4. Ya know just when I’m getting to like her she casts a vote like today. People have told me that she has to be pretty centrist to serve the conservative parts of the state as an explanation of her votes. I suppose with NOLA population being half what it was the pressure must be even greater. Or maybe there are other things going on.

  5. Thanks scout for helping end the day on a high note. Today was a a bad bad day but we must not quit.

  6. I sent scolding emails to Stephanie Herseth and Melissa Bean, telling them how ashamed I that I had contributed to their campaigns. I had thought that by supporting women in Congress we might have a more reasonable government, but it turns out they’re the same bloodthirsty sadists as everyone else.
    At least we’ll know in six weeks whether the yoke of fascism has descended upon us irrevocably, or if it’s just a brief interlude.

  7. I know he’s not held in high esteem around here, but I can’t believe you left out John Kerry.
    He alone is responsible for my continuing to fight.

  8. Diane
    Good point.
    I also wish I’d included the Boss–Springsteen of course

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