The race for the only Democratic Senate seat that’s at risk this year is still basically a dead heat, butBob Menendez is surging.

The new Quinnipiac University poll shows [Sen. Robert] Menendez favored by 49 percent of likely voters, compared to 45 percent of those polled favoring [Tom Kean Jr.]. Six percent were undecided.

In the last Quinnipiac poll, released Sept. 20, Kean was favored by 48 percent of likely voters with Menendez at 45 percent.

Both polls have a sampling error margin of plus or minus 4 percentage points, meaning the difference between the candidates is not clear-cut. Also, 18 percent of those polled said they could change their mind before Election Day.

3 thoughts on “Menendez!

  1. this fucker’s dad sold us down the lee hamilton whitewash river. i hope he croaks.

  2. NJ looked like it could go either way right before the ’04 Presidential election but Kerry wound up winning fairl easily.

  3. I’m not sure how Jr. managed to get the polls as close as they were. As an NJ resident in a Repug leaning area (for NJ) I can tell you that there is very little enthusiasm for the national party.
    Steve Gilliard has noted that the GOP here has very little power outside of its enclaves and he’s right. We aren’t as blue as Rhode Island, but we’re getting there. I highly doubt we will be sending any allies Chimpy’s way.

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