10 thoughts on “Your President Speaks! Bonus Edition!!

  1. Oh, lookie, it does. I guess I should have checked the link first – sorry. I just thought maybe they’d let that go since presidents don’t make mistakes.

  2. What kind of mistake is that anyway? His father’s famous goof was citing September 7th as Pearl Harbor Day. At least you could understand that, since September and December rhyme.
    But confusing September and February?

  3. Likely a feature, not a bug. Look closely at the fine print, and you’ll find that any ground they made up in closing the deficit is the result of cost-saving measures specifically put into place on February 29th and 30th.

  4. Indeed. A variation on the financial software created by Richard Pryor inSuperman III.

  5. We’ve been heariing about his temper and the way he treats his subordinates, perhaps this is one way they’ve been getting back at him.
    They insert these little gems throughout his speeches and he’s too dim to catch on. He probably believes that there is a February 30th.

  6. Well, you know how the peom goes…
    Thirty days hath September, April, June and November. In every month, George is an idiot.

  7. Someone should tell the stupid one that the government’s fiscal year ends September 30th. But then he may get all pissy and out of spite, change it to February 30th.

  8. “It was a fascinating meeting. It was really exciting, wasn’t it, Hank? I mean, it was so wonderful to sit with dreamers and doers.”
    This is the one thing in his whole speech that I am sure it true. After 6 years of sitting around with the dolts and bootlicks that fill his meetings day after day, I’m sure that meeting a few “real world” thinkers was a real breath of fresh air for him.

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