It’s All In The Timing

Beautiful, Chimpy’s job approval rating is collapsing in every major poll just in time for the mid-terms. Today brings us anew Harris poll in which his approval number slipped from 38% to 34% and his disapproval number is a whopping 64%.

President Bush’s job-approval rating fell, with 34% of Americans voting him “excellent” or “good,” down from 38% in September, according to a new Harris Interactive poll.

Sixty-four percent of U.S. adults now have a negative view of Mr. Bush’s job performance, compared with 61% who ranked him “only fair” or “poor” in a similar poll last month. The drop follows a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll that showed the president’s job approval rating fell to 39% from 42% earlier in October.

With less than a month to go before the midterm congressional elections, 47% of registered voters said they would vote for a Democratic candidate, compared with 35% who said they would pick a Republican candidate. When asked about recent Capitol Hill scandals involving charges of corruption and sexual improprieties, 64% said they believed those activities were the just the “tip of the iceberg,” compared with 25% who believed they were “isolated incidents.”

Even the newFox News poll has him slipping to 40% approval, down from 42%.

2 thoughts on “It’s All In The Timing

  1. . the good news may be that people have been starting to see the light and read the true nature of the vacuous, insecure, nasty, incompetent, ignorant, clown they elected president.
    the bad news is that there is a vacuous, insecure, nasty, incompetent, ignorant, clown as president who is under the influence of masters who do not take losing power lightly, graciously, or lawfully.
    We are entering uncharted territory in the US (totalitarians losing their grip)…keep your eyes open and hold onto your hats! .

  2. But, but, but the economy is GREAT! The Stock market is best EVER! The unemployment is great. Gas prices are low, low, low. How can this be happening!?
    I’m just waiting for the talking points to come out. Wow. you mean people actually notice the war? Frankly I’m surprised, seeing as it is pushed off the front pages with Dancing with the Stars news.
    The self delusion ability of 31% of Americans stun me, but I guess it shouldn’t.

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