This Has Been Another Edition Of Unfortunate Podium Signs

AP Photo/Wade Payne

In other Bush family news, it looks like they’reshipping Jenna to Paraguay


Seven of the 20 countries designated by the President as major drug transit or major illicit drug-producing nations are located in Latin America—Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela. The strategic deployment of approximately 38 percent of DEA’s foreign workforce to Latin America is testament to the important role the region plays in feeding America’s appetite for drugs.

7 thoughts on “This Has Been Another Edition Of Unfortunate Podium Signs

  1. That sorta reminds me, how’s Laura’s war on gang violence going?

  2. …shipping Jenna to Paraguay?!?
    Nope, no problems there. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. “Local news media reported that Jenna Bush arrived Saturday in the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion on a commercial flight, then dined Sunday evening with Paraguayan President Nicanor Duarte and his family at their official residence. She also met with U.S. Ambassador James Cason for some righteous lines; drinking games and bahng hits before retiring for the evening. Officials did not confirm those accounts.”

  4. Or she’s actually been replaced by Laura-bot 3000. Wow, that is one unflattering photograph.

  5. Is it just me or is Laura having her makeup done by the Disney animatronics crew?

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